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Using a Bookkeeper for your Year-End


Using a Bookkeeper for your Year-End

Christine Campbell


It is almost that time of the year again. All year round, you have been working to make sure that you achieve and fulfil the vision you had at the beginning of the year. Most of the plans you have made are financial, and as much you would like to start celebrating your success, you may have realized throughout the year that one step of your financial process is still pending. The summing up the expenses, profits, and losses, also known as, completing your year-end. Without proper bookkeeping programs and training, you may remain in the shadows, not knowing your financial position and are thus unable to plan with certainty what to do for future business decisions. It is at this point that C. Campbell Agency comes in.

There are many reasons why we are who we are. The primary reason we are your trusted bookkeeping agency is that we work with local businesses to ensure that their finances are well kept, up to date, and in accordance with the existing financial standards of practice. Additionally, we are dedicated to train in the latest technological trends in bookkeeping. For example, we are proficient in the use of the latest software such as QuickBooksSage, and numerous other cloud based bookkeeping programs. Our ultimate motivation is to cater to our clients both on paper and on other digital platforms.

There are many ways to prepare for your bookkeeper to complete your year-end; here are a few tips to help you get the most out of our services.

Be Prepared & Organized

It is recommended that the client be organized and prepared. This ensures that the client saves time that would have instead been spent on collecting useful information such as bank and credit card statements. This eases the task of organization.

Use Accounting Software Categorize Your Revenues & Expenses

In using accounting software, we are able to determine your chart of accounts and be able to map the way forward in keeping your books. Through the review of numbers that the business has been understood in the accounting field, the client will be able to understand their responsibilities and their financial activities as they go on with their day to day business and individual finances as well. These efforts all go into making sure that there is less work for the accountant and ultimately saves time and money for the respective client.

Review Numbers & Data with Your Bookkeeper

In serving you, we review the client’s financial statementsfilings of T4sPST, and WCB. In such review, we are able to prepare all data for corporate and individual tax filings. In doing so, other accountants play a very important role especially in forming data synthetic decisions that will be helpful for the planning and execution of sound financial plans both for the individual and other corporates. Ultimately, C. Campbell Agency strives to ensure that our clients’ lives are made easier.  

As our vision explains, there will be no more stressing about tax deadlines or being buried under paperwork. A bookkeeper can get the books under control while you focus on managing your business and living your life!